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half halt




Client: Half Halt Studio

HALF HALT, founded by Adrienne Romine, produces high-end hand crafted custom furniture with warmth and an understated playfulness. Offered to residential, hospitality and boutique commercial and retail clients, HALF HALT is committed to slow, intentional living and a belief that the objects with which we interact daily affect how we feel in meaningful ways.

Half Halt is a term derived from equestrian sports, meaning a quick pause while in motion to regain balance. In the context of furniture design, it’s all about thoughtful intention.

- Half Halt Studio

Collaborating with Adrienne on her brand identity was an honor and a treat. It's not often that you meet people that give their 100% thoughtfulness and intention while allowing space for fun surprises. I made sure the character of her philosophy came through when creating her logo.


Every action has an impact, choose wisely the impact you want to have.

- Mindy Hall

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