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A place-branding ad agency gives itself a playground to explore, allowing freedom to play and learn new insights on creative trends to offer prospective clients




Lead Creative, Brand Identity, Social Media Management, Art Direction, Campaign Design & Strategy



I came on to the Prismatic team when their Orlantone campaign was just at the beginning of their planning stages. This campaign and passion project was internally established by the agency in order to give their team members a space to experiment within the place branding industry. From its initial release in 2018, it developed into several projects that allowed the Prismatic team to generate new solutions that they have continued to infuse into their client work.

I was the lead creative for this campaign during my time at Prismatic, and my work varied from street and product photography, social media management, art direction and videography, ultimately helping shape the strategy on how we approach our separate projects. See more of these projects in detail below.


The Orlantone concept started with a poster that captures 20 color selections inspired by the most quintessential people, places, and things of Orlando. Knowing that Orlando couldn't be limited to just 20 hues, we developed the concept into a social media account. The Instagram campaign aimed to continue capture more of these hues and to generate local pride from its audience. Within a month of starting the account, Orlantone had gained over 1,000 followers. Providing daily niche content specific to locals who loved finding out what their city has to offer kept our neighbors curious and watching.

Through continued learning from our quickly growing local audience, we created a secondary product: The Orlantone HueFinder, a necklace charm that acts as a viewfinder to photograph colors in The City Beautiful. This new product allowed us to invite our audience to capture colors from vastly diverse perspectives, creating a more authentic take on the city.

The purpose of Orlantone is simple: have fun, connect Orlandoans, and tell the story of our Orlando through the vivid colors that define it.

How did we use Instagram to increase brand and product awareness and generate user engagement?


We learned that posting a color a day gave us optimal opportunity to consistently engage our audience and have them coming back for more. We continued this rate for the entire duration of the social media campaign.


Big spikes in our followers and audience engagement always came from local events and meetups that we held or attended. Social media may be mostly on your phone screen, but the value of real social interactions doesn't go away.


Social media isn't about being heavily designed or lookin' pretty; it comes from what your audience collectively takes away from it. We found that activating more user-generated posts increased excitement and pride in our followers.

Our #1 takeaway: fail fast and learn from your analytics. If something isn't working, don't be afraid to change it! If you're at a loss for actionable changes, ask your audience directly.