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Client: Rose Arts District, Prismatic

I was commissioned by Prismatic to create an illustrative visual identity for Orlando's new neighborhood: The Rose Arts District. As a mixed-use area that encourages a creative community of makers into its space, its identity needed to be distinct, stylistic, and representative of bright and hopeful futures ahead.


I designed a symbolic, geometric rose illustration with balanced shapes reminiscent of a traditional quilt pattern. I also added patterns with the same style as visual elements to use throughout their brand. The Rose Arts District team were immediately pleased and inspired by the work that it only took one round with no revisions for this project!

The RoseArts District is an homage to Orlando, celebrating its unique history and renewing its promise as a flourishing, vibrant community spreading over almost 130 acres of land.


With a deep appreciation for the area’s beauty, vital location, and promise waiting to be renewed, we are dedicated to catalyzing Orlando’s next great destination: the RoseArts District.

Inspired by Senator Rose’s legacy and vision of nearly 100 years ago, the reimagining of the RoseArts District as a multifaceted mixed-use development is the culmination of input, inspiration and shared personal hopes and ideas from its current and future residents.


The RoseArts District will be a place where all will be invited to work, live, and play—honoring the legacy of Senator Rose’s integrity and community advocacy while supporting the vitality of Orlando’s historic neighborhoods.

- Jakub Hejl

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