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Positioning Downtown Orlando on the map with a new visual identity that embraces all things, big and small, bold and bright about Downtown Orlando.


Downtown Orlando Development Board


Lead Creative, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Campaign Design & Strategy, Illustration



Downtown Orlando reached out to Prismatic for a full rebrand after having the same brand identity for over 15 years. In that span of time, Orlando had grown from a mid-level city to one that has proven to be a contender among major cities across the US. With its ever increasing population and economic growth, the city was definitely due for a refresh.


I was the Lead Creative for this project: brainstorming with the team, visualizing our creative concept, supporting brand elements, and was the art director for the advertising campaign to roll out the new identity. This new brand is an exciting, versatile look that embraces the evergrowing quality of Downtown Orlando.


What makes a city special to the ones that call it home? After several weeks of market research, we gathered comprehensive insights on the myriad of qualities that make Downtown Orlando the next major city to watch out for. Its quickly growing opportunity economy makes it a place you'll certainly want to move to. But our favorite thing about Orlando? The locals's genuine, bursting pride for The City Beautiful.

Colorful, spontaneous, and young at heart, the spirit of Downtown Orlando fills the whole city — across its charming, brick-paved streets and through its new, sleek high-rises.


The new logo features four vertical bars that are abstract representations of buildings in downtown's cityscape. They vary in height to symbolize our historic single family homes leading into the tall commercial and residential towers that touch the sky. Appearing in order from small to tall, the logo celebrates Downtown Orlando's trajectory: aiming upward, following growth and prosperity.


We carefully chose an expansive color palette that can all be used for all logo formats, to convey Downtown Orlando as a youthful, bright, and versatile city. The creative campaign relies heavily on bold colors to communicate the vibrancy of Downtown. 


We created a set of custom icons specific to symbols associated with Downtown Orlando such as: Lake Eola's swans, the iconic Allen Memorial Fountain, the Sunrail, and a bowl of pho for the city's distinct Vietnamese community and cuisine. The icons can be stacked and developed into interweaving patterns that fill the page to symbolize the city's quickly expanding community.