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Imbuing visual identity with magic, warmth, and glow for Hannah Glogower's new venture into intuitive healing.


After Glo


Brand Identity, Illustration

Hannah reached out to me to create her visual identity for her new brand and venture, After Glo. After Glo offers intuitive guidance for self-betterment in the form of self-learned tools like meditation & mindfulness coaching, psychedelic integration, spiritual counseling, and tarot readings. 


I really wanted to capture the essence of her vision with the right symbols, with the awareness that the “industry” of self-help and spirituality is often riddled with appropriation and gentrification. Our common goal was to stay true to her history and personal journey. This project was a treasure for me because in the true spirit of collaboration, I got to learn all about about Hannah’s practice, which helped me in my personal life.


First and foremost, we knew that we needed an illustrative logo. Her brand needed to express the words "after glow" in the context of immediate visual imagery. The name was inspired by that morning afterglow feeling after a pleasant trip. I took the words associated with these feelings to ideate and think about corresponding symbols.

The right imagery showed itself instantly during the process — hands capturing that bright feeling.


Versatility is one of my main goals when I design logomarks. I provided Hannah with several versions ranging from iconographic marks without the brand name to secondary logos like the simple smiling character below. 

I also created a glyph library for her to use as various brand assets. Keep scrolling to see it in use as psychedelic-inspired sticker sheets!