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Instilling a business owner's unique personality into her brand identity, while complementing her delightful, out of this world donuts.




Art Direction, Brand Identity, Illustration


Liz Doerr, Hannah Fregger, Alana Questell

I created the full, visual rebrand for award-winning donut maker Orlandough, after four years of thriving as an Orlando business. After getting to know Liz Doerr and her brand's history and character, I knew that her long-term goal was to become an approachable resource and to empower to self-starters like her. This brand was about way more than (damn good) donuts.

Full of color, unconventional in style, and unafraid of experimentation, this was not going to call for your typical "pretty" branding project. We explored soft visuals with a vintage sci-fi aesthetic and inspired by the bright colors of Saturn that melt into each other. The result is truly out of this world.


Brand research for Orlandough involved: 1. getting to know Liz and her long-term vision for her brand 2. doing a deep dive of her donut inventory over the years, and 3. creating profiles of her competitors, both at a local and national scale. Through this process, what stood out to me is how Liz's personality comes through anytime she talks to her audience. Her long, elaborate captions on Instagram keeps her audience coming back for more, and it complements the quirk and whimsy that her products carry. With this crucial insight in mind, I wanted to make Orlandough feel closer to her personality, and in this way, capture the character of her donuts.

The personality of Lorelai Gilmore with Mrs. Frizzles closet (designed by Marc Jacobs)


Liz's one request was to keep her logomark. It had been such a solid logo for her audience to identify, and the loopiness of the typography echoed the elastic quality of dough when it was rolled. I refined the existing logo by ensuring equal thickness and spacing throughout each letters for a cleaner, more intentional mark.


Rich, sweet, and scrumptious — Orlandough's new color palette is a reflection of the colors she often uses in her classic donut selection. I named some colors to describe the ingredients themselves and others to expand on qualities that make Orlandough unique.


Slightly retro with melty and wiggly qualities, Arabesque had the perfect peculiarity that went along well with tone of copy that Liz uses.


I created soft backgrounds reminiscent of holographic textures to create an otherworldly environment for her sweet treats to live in. I also recommended dreamy collage artist, Alana Questell to add to the visual elements for Orlandough. Her collages evoke nostalgia for a different time and place.